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Snapshot of a Salt Spring Saturday

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Sometimes the stereotypes all seem to be true. I just read through the Salt Spring Exchange’s events for today and had to shake my head. Bookended by development and tourism, we have early morning meditation, a group cleanse and detox, a multi-media art show from the Centre for Loving Inquiry, a local referendum vote that has everyone riled up (re. the new proposed fire hall), the Saturday Market, and places to take in branches and exchange leaves.

And apparently nothing to do in the evening, on a Saturday night.

Ah Salt Spring! I must go now and take my daughter and her friends to yoga… and while they’re there I’ll sit at the library and read angry letters to the editor in the Driftwood. Or not.

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Step 93: Tuning Out

English: January 15, 1938. Mt. Kilimanjaro: Th...

Mt. Kilimanjaro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

March is officially no-facebook and no-twitter month for me. I was in desperate need of a Brain Cleanse, and my days are much more serene without all that online blather.

Downside? Not seeing immediately what distant friends and family members are up to. (ie. sister who’s just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro!)

Upside? More time, less distractions. More time for reading books. And actually playing the piano sometimes. Plus the sudden realization that if I miss a few posts (and even the latest hilarious “meme”) the world will not come to an end.

Is isolation from the outside world a good thing or a bad thing? When you’re young it’s nothing but bad bad and bad. Everything worthwhile is happening elsewhere, and (as Neil Young put it) everyone knows that this is nowhere.

But… as you grow older the cultural white noise starts to make your head hurt and the little house in the deep dark woods starts to look like a pretty good option.

Is this part of my country lifestyle slowdown? I suppose so. I still like the hum and buzz of activity, but this month the hum and buzz is coming from me instead of my newsfeed.

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Santa Comes to Saltspring

What a gorgeous day! We walked down to the dock at about five minutes to 1, and Santa flew in pretty much on time. The small crowd greeted him, high fives were exchanged, and we were strolling outta there by about half past one.

A little easier to take than the cold, crowded marathon event of the Santa Claus Parade in Toronto…

Step 89: Drive a B.C.-esque car

Which I do!!

In Toronto, when I told people that I was buying a twenty-year-old Volvo with the intent to drive it to B.C. they looked at me like I was nuts. Driving it around the city I noticed a few other similar models, but I still felt fairly unique for not buying the ubiquitous black or silver mini-van that line the streets of my old neighbourhood..

Out here in Lotus Land, driving an ancient Volvo wagon is akin to camouflage! I feel absolutely invisible, especially since I jettisoned the Ontario plates in favour of B.C. ones. I’ve gone deep undercover now.

Step 82-88: Fitting in… Get Your Membership Cards

Very soon after arriving I scurried about securing all the badges of community membership I could find…

82. Saltspring Library Card

83. Co-op Membership

84. Barb’s Buns Bakery card

85. Thrifty’s points card

86. Resident card

87. subscription to the Driftwood (local paper)

88. B.C. Ferries card

All part of my devious scheme to pose as a bona fide Islander…