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The Challenge Ahead

Perhaps the biggest parenting challenge of the year lies ahead… Hallowe’en Costume Construction. We’ve left it almost to the very last minute (considering we’re leaving tomorrow on a big trip, more on that later). After much deliberation, this is who she wants to be, Hex from Skylanders:

HexWe’ve come a long way from pink unicorns and ladybugs!

Wish me luck…

Step 69: A Condiments Cleanse

One of the last tasks of the last day was the final emptying of the fridge. (Yeah, should have done it sooner. Didn’t. Okay? Don’t judge me!)

I can’t be the only one who collects bizarre condiments and keeps them for eternity. The crabapple jelly. The fish sauce. The curry paste. The ginger syrup. The odd chutney that I didn’t really like but kept. The salad dressings (why so many?). The mustards. The capers. Pickled preserves and congealed jams. Take-out packets of soy and plum sauce. Ancient tabasco sauce and prehistoric HP.

When you’re just moving across town your condiments come along for the ride. I mean, why start all over, right? The beauty of a loooong-distance move is that there is absolutely no temptation to keep any of these items. It was a clean sweep and I felt a wild sense of liberation. Free as a bird!

I would recommend this to anyone feeling down, in a rut, in need of a big change but paralyzed with doubt about what exactly to change. Just go and throw out all your condiments! You will feel fantastic!!

Step 11: Find a Packing App

Oh yeah, I am now one of those. Got the iPhone and use it for so many things that I’m surprised when it rings and I remember it’s a phone.

Not for everyone, not gonna proselytize here. And yes, I am wary of spending every minute staring at the damn thing instead of interacting with real living breathing people.

But it does have its uses.

There are millions of apps for this gadget so I figured there must be something for making lists of boxes and contents, etc. Naturally there’s not a lot to choose from and they are pretty elementary (as opposed to the stunning graphics and complexity of more important things like games!) But I did find one which is doing the job quite nicely – I type in items as I pack them and upon arrival I can do a search to find out which box my automatic card shuffler is in. (Yes, I have one. It belonged to my grandfather if you must know.)

There was one app that was just too obsessive-compulsive, even for me. For each box you could print out a bar code sticker, and as they are unloaded from the truck you scan each one so you know right away if any are missing. Whoah nelly!

The one I picked in the end is called Moving Van, and it’s quite good, with one major flaw: there doesn’t seem to be any way that you can find out how many boxes there are! Doesn’t that seem a) fairly elementary and b) incredibly useful?

Oh well, it was only $2.

Silly me, wanting an app for an actual useful, practical, Real Life, Non Play purpose! Back to Angry Birds now… (No! Not really.)

p.s. This kind of app is only good for those, like me, who are packing way in advance, ie. one box a day. For those with a shorter deadline, doing all that typing would probably just take too long.

Step 1: Start a Blog

Much more fun than rolling up the sleeves and doing any kind of real work. Yesiree, there’s nothing better than sitting down and writing about the work you should be doing right now instead of writing about it. (Unless it’s writing about the writing you should be doing right now instead of writing about the writing. Ish.)

Ah, but no mere procrastination tool, this blog may actually serve to prod me along throughout the next year. My delusional plan? To defeat this whole move in a zillion extremely organized and well-thought out steps, spread out over months and months. So that at the end of the road I can simply wake up on the appointed morning and say “Okay. Let’s go.”

Yeah, that’s my plan and even I’m not going to believe it until I see it.