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Just Today…

A splash of sunshine at noon inspired a picnic lunch in the yard. (Actually it was all my co-conspirator’s idea.) (She has recently objected to being called ‘the Boss’. Searching now for a new moniker.)


It turns out that our mossy grassy yard is extra spongy and comfy to sit on. Prime picnicking real estate!


Step 69: A Condiments Cleanse

One of the last tasks of the last day was the final emptying of the fridge. (Yeah, should have done it sooner. Didn’t. Okay? Don’t judge me!)

I can’t be the only one who collects bizarre condiments and keeps them for eternity. The crabapple jelly. The fish sauce. The curry paste. The ginger syrup. The odd chutney that I didn’t really like but kept. The salad dressings (why so many?). The mustards. The capers. Pickled preserves and congealed jams. Take-out packets of soy and plum sauce. Ancient tabasco sauce and prehistoric HP.

When you’re just moving across town your condiments come along for the ride. I mean, why start all over, right? The beauty of a loooong-distance move is that there is absolutely no temptation to keep any of these items. It was a clean sweep and I felt a wild sense of liberation. Free as a bird!

I would recommend this to anyone feeling down, in a rut, in need of a big change but paralyzed with doubt about what exactly to change. Just go and throw out all your condiments! You will feel fantastic!!

Step 68: The Last Night

favourite restaurant – Yumi sushi

Last dinner out, and farewell to other favourite places in Bloor West Village…

Jane-Bloor Diner

Our favourite old-school diner, complete with pictures of hockey players and race horses on the walls, and old-timers sitting at the counter. The first place that Lizzie ever blew bubbles in a glass of milk with a straw.

Lizzie’s favourite smoothie place

Lizzie will miss this place!

fountain at Jane and Bloor

This is the spot where they put a big Christmas tree made of lights every year, and a rather alarming Santa Claus totters around the crowd.

After wandering through the neighbourhood on a gorgeous warm summer evening, we end up at the house of my best friend, ally, support, comedic relief, sympathetic ear, cocktail taster, organizational whirlwind, style counsel, shopping guru, and fount of general good advice. Hard to leave!

ooooh so tired!


last sleep in an empty house