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Step 72: Extricate Yourself

Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in. – Michael Corleone

At some point during our epic last day in Toronto I had a sense of being ensnared… it just went on and on and we couldn’t get away… it was as if the city was reaching out to grab onto my leg, howling “don’t go!”… we were caught in a sticky web of complications and endless things-to-take-care-of. Besides the spontaneously regenerating piles of stuff to clear out (see step 71), there always seemed to be just one more task, one more, one more, one more…

Like in the horror movie when, just as you’re turning to leave the cemetery… a bony hand shoots out of the earth to seize your ankle in a hellish death-grip!


Must… leave… town… Must… get… away…

Noooooo! Don’t go!