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Northern Ontario: Camping Paradise

Everyone in B.C. thinks they’ve got some kind of monopoly on scenic beauty, but the unbelievably vast reaches of northern Ontario are pretty spectacular too.

Ontario has only one national park (Pukaskwa), but there are about 90 provincial parks scattered throughout the province. So many that it was easy to just drive until I got tired, and then locate the nearest campground and pull in. They were staggeringly easy to find, even when my brain was staggering with fatigue. Good signage, Ontario! (Beating B.C. hands down – I had a heck of a time locating an official provincial park campground in the interior… they weren’t properly marked and I just kept driving past them. I eventually had to give up and check into a motel instead.)

Nothing helped to slough off the old city skin better than a few nights of tenting, chopping wood, twilight swims, birdsong, and rustling leaves. And having all your clothes smell like smoke. Here’s our sampling of parks along our route through northern Ontario…

Fairbanks Provincial Park (west of Sudbury)

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park (near Rossport)

(large bunnies roaming fearlessly about made
the wilderness seem significantly less rugged)

Sandbar Lake Provincial Park (near Ignace) – our last night in Ontario.

Farewell to Ontario!