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Step 76: Always Appreciate Good Fortune

The day before our moving truck came I blithely drove over to my storage space to bring home the last item. All by myself. I got it this far on a hot Sunday afternoon with not a soul in sight to ask for a hand. I always appreciate an impossible situation so I paused for a moment just to laugh at myself and take photos. (I wanted photographic evidence of my amazing strength and fortitude.)

As I was putting the camera away and rolling up my sleeves I heard a voice behind me…

“Would you like a hand with that?”

I’d like to think that I would have manhandled that couch into the car if I’d had to, but when it came right down to it, on another scorching hot afternoon in the big city, I was glad to accept a little help.

Many thanks to a kind stranger!

Step 74: Drive off into the sunset…

Good idea, hit the highway right during the evening rush hour with the sun in your eyes. D’oh!

Fill up the tank and be sure to leave the gas cap sitting on the top of the pump. D’oh!

Miss an exit and get thoroughly lost.* Will we ever get out of this city?? (shaking fist at sky) Torontooooooo!

*(Only briefly. Thanks Google maps!)

Step 65: Double-book and Over-extend

Wait a minute, back up a bit. I missed a few steps that occurred before the truck arrived…

As a way to keep your spirits up, always underestimate how much work lies ahead. If possible, invite people over for goodbye visits right when you’ve got the most packing to do…

We hosted an open house deck party for two afternoons a mere 2 days before the moving truck arrived. Either the smartest or the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

On the downside… 2 days before the moving truck arrived. Aieeee!

On the upside… I really needed a break from the packing tape and bubble wrap.

On the downside… the Boss had fun but was definitely becoming irked with constant goodbyes and “smile for the photo”s.

On the upside… some sweet goodbye time with good friends. (And some lovely photos too.)

P.S. On the topic of over-extending myself… did I mention we made special Canada Day cookies too? (Am I insane?)

Step 59: Dreadful Haircut

Faced with a long hot car trip and a lot of camping, I went out and got the Summer Haircut. The cut in itself is not dreadful, though I’m not entirely enamoured of it. The truly horrifying part was that she insisted on blow drying my hair straight before “texturing” it. Straight, totally straight. Christ on a bike! I looked awful! I’ve never gone to so much trouble and expense to look like I’m wearing a bad wig! The Boss concurred in this assessment. No, that’s putting it too mildly… she was totally shocked and appalled. We had to run an errand after I picked her up from school and she insisted I wash my hair before we go. The curls came back.

(For the curious, I actually did take a photo, however the Boss was so disapproving of me even taking a picture of it that I think I must respect her wishes and not show it to anyone.)