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Things to Do in Toronto When You’re Undead

IMG_3189We’ve just had a Fantastic Big City Hallowe’en! Even with the rain it was great to be back in the old neighbourhood for trick or treating.

First we dropped in on our old school and their costume parade… Continue reading

The Challenge Ahead

Perhaps the biggest parenting challenge of the year lies ahead… Hallowe’en Costume Construction. We’ve left it almost to the very last minute (considering we’re leaving tomorrow on a big trip, more on that later). After much deliberation, this is who she wants to be, Hex from Skylanders:

HexWe’ve come a long way from pink unicorns and ladybugs!

Wish me luck…

Step 2: Decide to Move. Reconsider. Repeat.

This has been the prime activity on the “Should-we-move-to-SSI” front for the last, oh, five years or so. However I do have to say that this summer I’ve finally got to the ‘the-time-is-now’ stage and at this point reconsidering the decision is done only to torment myself.

Although… entering into another gorgeous fall season in Toronto isn’t going to help. We escaped to Saltspring during the stupidly hot, humid and smoggy days of summer, but we’re back now for one of the best two times of the year to be in Toronto. (The other being spring.)

Autumn in our neighbourhood means comfortable weather forĀ  the walk to school, pulling out sweaters (but not snowsuits), enjoying the late garden colours, old brick houses and yellow and red maple leaves, the fall harvest spilling over at the produce stands, pumpkins on porches, sublime and ridiculous Hallowe’en decorations, and finally the friendly nip in the air and the darkening dusk of trick or treating.

Photographic evidence of all this will be provided as we progress…

The colour of the leaves may make me think of staying, but the ongoing antics of mayor Rob Ford always renew my desire to hop the next train and get the bleep out of Dodge. (For example: Apparently we may be on the road to turning the Simpsons’ Monorail episode into reality…)