The ‘we’ of this page consists of a teeny tiny family of two: me myself a writer of children’s amusements and HRH herself my five-year-old life coach. I have lived in the Big TOe for over 20 years and it is definitely the time to move the whole kit and kaboodle to a more peaceful and idyllic scene. I’m hoping to depart approximately ten months from now. The only problem is, for a teeny tiny family we somehow own an embarrassingly huge volume of stuff – knick-knacks, books, toys, clothing, and miscellaneous gear. The paring down of earthly possessions will be one of the major pleasures of the upcoming move. However the rest of it will just be a world of pain, I’m sure.

The journey of a million miles can be made with a zillion teeny tiny steps. And, possibly, a zillion blog posts as well.

Kim T, September 1st, 2011

p.s. … Help!

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