Things to Do in Toronto When You’re Undead

IMG_3189We’ve just had a Fantastic Big City Hallowe’en! Even with the rain it was great to be back in the old neighbourhood for trick or treating.

First we dropped in on our old school and their costume parade…

IMG_3199Then we ran errands and generally terrorized Bloor West Village…


IMG_3227When it got dark we joined with L’s best Toronto pal and ventured out into the night…IMG_3238I love Bloor West Village at Hallowe’en, so many great decorations, swirling leaves, chatting parents, and giddy kids in wacky costumes. On one street there was even a fellow handing out hot chocolate, hot dogs and chili – taking donations for charity.



IMG_3242 - Version 2

IMG_3247We even trick or treated down our old street, said hi to the old gang, and took a peek at our old house. This elicited some sad looks and the declaration “I want to move back to Toronto!” But it passed… at the end of the night the official candy sorting and counting buoyed her mood considerably.

A great great night – in L’s journal entry it was officially declared to be ‘Awesome’.

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